University of Mumbai's

Garware Institute of Career Education and Development

NAAC Re-accredited with 'A++' Grade

Post Graduate Diploma In Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (PGI&BCC)

+ Course Duration:

One Year

+ No Of Seats :


+ Fees :

Total Fees= Rs.45,120

Sem I= Rs.23,620

SemII= Rs.21,500

+ Eligibility :

Graduate from arts/ science/commerce or any other
graduate from recognized university.

+ Admission Procedure :

Admission on the basis of written test and/or interview.

+ Preamble :

After India enacted tougher laws to deal with sticky loans and the
central bank stepped in accelerate the pace of recoveries. India's battle
against bankruptcy is spawning new career options, finance executives have
stumbled upon a career-growth opportunity as an Insolvency Professional.
Insolvency Professionals try his best to keep the organization running and
make a resolution process acceptable to all parties. In case nothing is viable,
the last resort to initiate liquidation proceedings. As the process is time
bound and the insolvency process has to be completed in 180 days. He
needs to be supported with a team of industry experts, lawyers and other
An Insolvency Professional is also supposed to run the day to day
business of a defaulting company going in for insolvency proceedings. He is
already assisted by highly experienced professionals but he will also need to
be supported by middle management staff to carry out the all proceedings
which are prescribed under the Act. With unlimited no of cases coming up
in the National Company Law Tribunals, an industry estimate suggests that
about 45,000 insolvency professionals would be needed to support the
volume of work anticipated (As per a newspaper article in the Economic
Times in June 2017). In order to support these professionals, we have
designed this course as it is anticipated that more than 250,000 to 500,000
trained people would be required to assist the insolvency professionals. With
these objectives we train ambitious peoples a basic/advance insight to
Insolvency and Bankruptcy code and designed this course as per need of the
organization. The duration of this diploma course is for 180 hours. We try to
fulfill the requirement of every aspirant for example an candidate from
Income Tax department will have its own requirement to identify cases
before the company gets liquidated and to handle the cases who are already
under liquidation. worldwide Insolvency professionals are highly paid
whether they are professionals or supporting staff irrespective of field they
are working People working in organizations have to know what action they
are supposed to take if they e have to recover the money or pay the money.
This course provides from an overview to detailed perspective of the law and
the person who has completed the course can be an asset to the
organization. It also raises the key questions for the non-specialist such as
when is a company to be made insolvent? When directors should stop
trading? What assets are available for creditors? When and how to call
insolvency experts? All our courses will be specifically created for a group of
people existing knowledge and purpose of doing the course.

+ Objective :

• Understanding the objectives of the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code.

• Understanding the relation of various Acts read with the Insolvency Code.

• Help Insolvency Professional in providing critical support during the
Insolvency Period.

• Effectively handle all procedural process there by giving effective and
timely assistance to Insolvency Professionals.

• Understand how to use this law to safeguard the company interest
against Insolvent Persons.

+ Job Opportunities :

There is huge career prospectus available. All people with knowledge
of this act are in demands with professionals like lawyers, insolvency
professionals, Chartered Accountants and others. Many people have started
to provide the services to these professionals as independent service
providers. These people are also required in banking sector, corporates to
handle these cases or identify the process to be followed up. Beside this,
there is huge demand with foreign professionals and these people are getting
easily accommodated there. So these courses are stepping stones for
migration to foreign countries at very high pay scales. The pay scales in
abroad can be checked on online website portals such as

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