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Academic Standard & Procedure

Academic Standard & Procedure

NO.:UG/253 OF 1996 DATED 28/05/1996

The registration fees once paid for the Post Graduate course will not be refunded for any reason. 

Post Graduate student, fees will be refunded to him/her in case of cancellation of admission without attending any lectures, seminars or practicals or attending/ not attending lectures, seminars or practicals for maximum of one week after commencement of the course, the student will be refunded the fees after deduction of 25% of the tuition fees. 

FOR UG COURSES:O.2859:Circular number UG/412 of 2008 of 11.sept.2008
Refund of Tuition,Development and all other fees after cancellation of admission:

The candidates who have taken admission in Under Graduates courses in Govt..Colleges,In Govt.aided and unaided courses conducted by affiliated and recognized institutions may request for refund of fees after applying in writing for cancellation of their admission to the course. The refund of fees as applicable shall be made on or before 30th day after the date of cancellation and thereafter.The Percentage of fee for the course shall be refunded to the candidate after deducting charges as follows:



i) The content and standards for a course at the Institute are recommended by the Course Committees and approved by the University.

ii) The assessment of students is conducted on a continuous basis, giving due weightage to participation in class discussion, periodical tests, presentations, seminars, written reports, assignments and final examination. The students are evaluated on the basis of internal assignments/written examination/ project work and/or training work assignments.

iii) Internal assessment part will be done wholly by the faculty members and the student is expected to maintain the desired standard of the course. The schedule of continuous assessment will be worked out by the faculty member in consultation with the Course Co-coordinator and announced from time-to-time.

iv) A student who is absent in tests/assignment will be given zero marks. A supplementary examination will be held, as per the ordinances and regulations relating to the course.

v) The Institute reserves the right to ask the student to leave the programme if his / her conduct and academic performance is found unsuitable.

vi) University procedure is followed for re-evaluation only of final semester end examination.

vii) Where the student is permitted to have re-test as part of internal assessment, or Supplementary examination, a fee will be charged.

viii) Further, registration may be refused if a student failed to maintain a satisfactory academic record or if he/she has not passed in the examination, or has rendered himself/herself unfit because of unsatisfactory conduct. The decision of the institute is final in such cases.

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